Artists’ Association of Nantucket Exhibition

I’ve got 2 new pieces of work on show at the Artists’ Association of Nantucket Open Exhibition starting on 31 May 2013. Hope to see you there…

Derbyshire Open Arts 2012

From Saturday 2nd to Tuesday 5th of June, we’ll be opening the studio to the public as part of Derbyshire Open Arts 2012. This event offers an exciting opportunity for the whole family to see what goes on behind the scenes in studios and workshops and discover some of the secrets behind the making of paintings, ceramics, textiles, glass and much more. Glossop is rapidly becoming a centre for established and emerging artists and craftspeople and this is an opportunity to meet and talk with them about their practice and to see their work in a welcoming and informal atmosphere. During your visit you will get the opportunity to see work in progress, watch demonstrations and, of course, have the chance to purchase or commission work.

Full details of all the artists, images of their work and a detailed map showing the location of all the venues participating in this free event over the bank holiday weekend can be seen in the free brochure available at the library and many other places around Glossop. The artists are using the Oakwood pub on the High Street as an information centre. There will be friendly people there to help visitors find their way to the various venues and a specially created interactive map. New this year is an interactive quiz for children – all entries completed and handed at the Oakwood will be entered into a prize draw for a children’s art set donated by Wains Services of Glossop.

Further details and a downloadable copy of the brochure can be found at:

Glossop Art

Another meeting of Glossop Art Trail this week – looking forward to planning Derbyshire Open Art Exhibition amongst other things…

Glossop Arts Trail

This Christmas, I’ll be joining Glossop artists opening their studios over the weekend of 3rd and 4th December to provide an exciting opportunity to view their work and shop for original and affordable gifts for Christmas.

Sixteen Glossop artists are taking part, some opening up their studios and others exhibiting their work in this celebration of arts and crafts taking place over seven venues in the town. Within the group are both nationally renowned artists and emerging artists and craft artisans. Working in a variety of media including oils, pastels, ceramics, glass, textiles, printing and stone this event showcases the creativity abounding in Glossop.

The event will give people the chance to see the artists in their studios, look at their work and talk with them about it.

For studio locations and details please visit Glossop Art Trail

Ford Madox Brown at Manchester Art Gallery

Tickets to the preview of Ford Madox Brown at Manchester Art Gallery last night. It was a great turnout and the work is excellent, featuring landscapes, portraits and scenes of Victorian life, as well as work produced during Brown’s time in Manchester working on the Town Hall murals.

See more info on Ford Madox Brown at Manchester Art Gallery.

Wendy Levy Summer Exhibition

I’ll be exhibiting this month in the Summer Exhibition at the Wendy J Levy Gallery in Didsbury (home to some great work including Ben Nicholson & Peter Blake!) from 13th July – 27th August. Please come along to the preview if you can on Tuesday 12th July 6-8pm.

Derbyshire Open Art in Glossop

Glossop and Derbyshire’s Artists open their studios next weekend (28th, 29th, 30th May, 11am – 5pm) for Derbyshire Open Arts 2011. Hope to see you at The Ghislaine Howard Studio Gallery for a sneak peak at some new work…

Click Here for directions to The Ghislaine Howard Studio Gallery

Glossop Framers

Picked up some new framed work from Glossop Framers this week – always very exciting to see work come to life once it’s framed. For more info visit Glossop Framers or follow on Twitter Framers Glossop

Glossop Artists

I’ll be joining Glossop Artists this month for Derbyshire Open Arts 2011. More info to follow…

In The Footsteps of Wittgenstein

“One must always be prepared to learn something totally new.” Ludwig Wittgenstein

I’m currently working on a series of paintings exploring the landscape around Chunal, Glossop in conjunction with Ghislaine Howard and the Art History (Contemporary Art History) Interactive Arts Manchester Metropolitan University School of Art.

In the footsteps of Wittgenstein – Students from Manchester Metropolitan University School of Art celebrate the achievement of Ludwig Wittgenstein on the moors above Glossop.

It has become something of a tradition for students and staff from the School of Art to gather on the moors above the Derbyshire mill town of Glossop to celebrate the time spent there by Ludwig Wittgenstein – one of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century.

This year is no exception – at 11.00 am on Thursday 7 April 2011, students and staff from MMU will be flying kites and other aeronautically apposite objects and machines on Chunal Moor.

In 1908, Wittgenstein arrived in Manchester aged 19, with the ambition to design, build and fly an aeronautical machine – only 3 years after the Wright Brothers made world’s first successful man-powered flight. Wittgenstein spent the spring and summers of 1908-1909 at the Grouse Inn on Chunal moor, just two and half miles south of the Derbyshire mill town of Glossop. His job was constructing large Cody kites designed to carry students’ experiments into upper atmosphere. This was a key moment in Wittgenstein’s life – in 1910 he left Manchester for Cambridge, determined dedicate himself to the elucidation of the key philosophical questions that tormented early twentieth century thinking.

Students and staff from Art History (Contemporary Art History) Interactive Arts and Fine Art visit the moors to celebrate this conjunction between ideas, place, biography, imagination, creativity, philosophy and technology.

Wittgenstein has become the archetypal modernist hero, a patron saint for artists, musicians and poets. His writings teach and suggest many things – one of the most pertinent (and troubling) is that language, so essential to whom and what we are, does not explain the world, but is a product of the world.

One of his students wrote that Wittgenstein was “incapable of playing the game of the illusion of understanding,” Like William Blake, or Leonardo da Vinci, he never stopped being amazed at the world and his place within it, never stopped trying to explain it and never accepted any proposition he couldn’t either prove or believe in.

In our time, when virtual reality and powerful imaging technologies shape our understanding of reality, Wittgenstein’s questions about how we know what we think we know are as pertinent, and difficult, as ever.

Perhaps his memories of our landscape with its ever-changing weather patterns remained with him when he made notes for his last book – his Remarks on Colour. In that text, proposition number 15 reads ‘We must always be prepared to learn something totally new.’

Not a bad epitaph.

Find out more at In The Footsteps of Wittgenstein or browse some of the artwork on the interactive map below:

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